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Newmarket Run Festival

Ready for 2025? Get on the early bird list.

5km, 10km, 20km distances

Come for the race, stay for the show

Cancelled until next year

Newmarket Run Festival at Joker's Hill

Interested in 2025?

Get on the earlybird list.

5km, 10km, 20km distances

Come for the race, stay for the show

It's not just about us.

If you dontate $10, we will match the donation. See order form.

2.5 km loop through the beautiful Koffler Scientific Reserve.

Do your race, stay for lunch, enjoy the community and learning sessions afterwards.

Complementary Massage - First come, first serve upon registration

Complementary massage specifically geared towards runners post race.

Generously donated by Main Street RMT & Wellness Clinic - our chosen provider of run recovery.

Want a pre-race tune-up?

Contact them and mention the Newmarket Run Festival for member's pricing.

More than a run

What is NRF?

This is a running event for runners. Come for the race, stay for the show.

Pick your trail race distance: 5km, 10km or 20km.

Location: Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill, Newmarket, ON

Your entry to the race entitles you to gain access to the festival.

The festival will have speakers/clinics on:

🏃‍♂️ Ultra Marathons

🏃‍♂️ Completing the World Marathon Majors

🏃‍♂️ Cross Training

🏃‍♂️ Nutrition and hydration

🧘‍♂️ Breath Work Session (transformational)

🎶 Live music 🍦Ice cream truck 👟 Vendors 💆‍♂️ Massage therapists

*** Access to an online Community to discuss training and progress included ***


Fees for the distances, which include access to the Festival are:

5 km = $75

10 km = $75

20 km = $75

Speaker List

Marathons: World Marathon Majors Finisher - Kelly Mahar!

Farther: Ultra Marathon Runner - Trevor Dale

Cross Training: Crossfit Coach - Matt Manahan

Breath Work Session: Shannon Rizzi

More to come

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Only 50 People Per Distance

That's right. There are limited spots per distance available. We are keeping it small so that we can keep the quality high. Each distance is limited to 50 people each. Max 150 people total. Most events are from 500 to 1,000+. Get in NOW>

What are the start times?

8:00 am - 20 km start

9:00 am - 10 km start

10:15 am - 5km start

Clinics start at 10:45 am and run until approximately 2pm

Can I bring someone?

Yes, your entry to the race provides you the ability to bring a +1 and also your kids for free.

Where do I park?

*** Leave enough time to park and get to the event!!! ***

Please allow at minimum 30 minutes to get to your event as getting to this beautiful location can take a little bit

Do not park on Bathurst. There is a lot of parking near the entrance to Koffler Scientific Reserve ( - 10 minute walk

There is also parking available at St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School, Newmarket ( - 15 minute walk

If you feel like enjoying a hike through the forest in order to get to the race, you can park near 99 steps. There is not much parking at the entry point however some people have parked along 19th sideroad in the past ( - 40 minute walk approximately

The Course

The route is a 2.5 km route that goes through the beautiful Koffler Scientific Reserve. This forest is beautiful. The course is fairly hilly and has a couple of flat spots. 5 km is two loops. 10 km is four loops. 20 km is eight loops.

Parking is off of Bathurst and then you walk about 400 meters to the start line at the bottom of Joker's Hill.

FAQ image

Speaker List:


World Marathon Majors: Kelly Mahar

Kelly has been running marathons for 14 years - completed 16 total. Started her chase for the 6 WMM back in 2011 in Chicago. 3 time Boston Marathoner and completed her 6th start in Tokyo this year. Most recently she started dedicating her running efforts towards creating awareness and acceptance for those with autism in honour of her son Quinn. Every April during Autism Awareness month she hosts an event where she run 2.7km for 27 hours to raise funds for the Autism Ontario York Region Camp - this year her son will be attending this camp along with hundreds of other children.


Ultra Marathons: Trevor Dale

Trevor has been running 100 mile runs since 2019 and came in 6th place at the Haliburton Forest 100 Mile that has 4,400 m of elevation.

He understands that there is a formula for running these distances. One of the biggest factors is preventing overheating and taking in enough calories. Yes grit and perseverance are part of it but there is definitely a science to it.


Breath Work Session: Shannon Rizzi

Shannon leads transformational breath work sessions. As an Ironman athlete herself, she understands what runners need both physically and mentally.

Breath work is something you have to try to believe. It is game changing and transformational.


Benefits of Cross Training: Matt Manahan

As a Crossfit athlete and coach, certified in exercise nutrition, Matt knows the how to remain functional, fuel and remain fit.

Discussing the benefits of cross training Matt will provide a wealth of information to make sure you perform your best and stay versatile.

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